The only war worth fighting is a class war.

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The last line of the April 20, Adbusters’, “Battle for the Soul of Occupy” was so good I had to use it as a title.

If you read my stuff, I tend to refer to the “Old Left” as the Nattering Nabobs of Progressivism. You know, the liberals who think that donating to PBS or recycling is “doing their part.” Just a question: What kind of asshole would donate his house to PBS?!

OCCUPY supporters should absolutely be concerned about those who would co-opt them into the Democrat party. Why? Because we’ve seen it happen before. Think of all of those former Vietnam war protesters who climbed into the Democrat bandwagon and now love Obama because he killed Bin Laden. All of those liberals who couldn’t define their message during the Reagan era so they supported welfare “reform” and banking “reform.” Think, Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton, like so many “old liberals”, couldn’t define his message because he simply didn’t have one. He just wanted to be president his entire life and happened to hook into the second most nauseating political party.

I sparked on the “old liberals” label because I found this in my in-box yesterday: “Draft Hillary…for 2016” by Brent Budowsky. Yes, unfortunately, I’m on the LA Progressive subscriber list. They reposted this article along with the Huffington Post and the UK Progressive.  Nattering Nabobs of Progressivism

We progressives have a dream: to elect leaders who inspire and mobilize men and women, throughout America and around the world, to realize the great aspirations of the two historical waves of our time: the Female Century and the Populist Century.

My suggestion is this: Reelect Barack Obama in 2012 and draft Hillary Clinton for 2016 to achieve an era of reform and realignment that will powerfully change history.

Just what the fuck is this guy talking about? These guys had their chance and everything they’ve touched has turned to shit. Whenever I read Mr. Budowsky, I want to fucking scream, but then what can I expect from a guy who, “served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen, responsible for commerce and intelligence matters.” The quintessential definition of  “old, (shitting in your pants) old, liberal.” These are the guys who couldn’t stomach George McGovern, much less OCCUPY.

The comments on the Adbusters blog are enlightening, but its clear that some of the commenters, while they are clearly thoughtful individuals, just don’t understand how pervasive the plutocracy has become:

This is just paranoia, IMO. OTH, the old left is actually doing a LOT at the policy level. Ever heard of the war on women? It ain’t being waged by dems, but it IS being defended against by them. Where’s OWS on this front? The old left is imperfect, at best, but there are still very real policy issues and concerns, most of which a lot in OWS conflate, wrongly, as being of no important or have no bearing on the world.

No, Democrats are not defending anyone except themselves. They may talk a better game, but that’s all they do–talk. Democrats are busy trying to get funding for their reelections and front groups like to “re-energize the base” whatever the fuck that means. They point to their heroes like George Soros and forget that if George Soros paid his fair share of taxes, he might not be able to fund MoveOn, but then again, things might not be as dire as they are now.

Bravo Adbusters! Bravo Occupy! Keep reading your Emma Goldman, Karl Marx and Chris Hedges! Know in your heart that the Democrat party has betrayed you over and over again.