Rich Assholes


Rich Assholes—Narcissistic Sociopaths

Rich assholes—sociopaths who make Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy look like innocent three-year-olds at play—the masters of the universe.

The personality traits of narcissistic sociopathy include: superficial charm and intelligence; untruthfulness and insincerity; lack of remorse or shame; lacking a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience; lacking empathy regarding the needs and feelings of other people; grandiose sense of self-importance; preoccupied with dreams of unlimited power, success, physical attractiveness, and love; a sense of entitlement and expectation of favorable treatment or compliance; arrogance; and exploitation of other people to achieve personal goals.

Since the dawn of agriculture and the increasing requirement of a compliant work force, we have ceded our power and our freedom to them. Yes, they took it from us through murder, torture and intimidation at first, but we began to revere them as superior—those pharaohs, those kings, those founding fathers—as gods.

Now those former slave masters call themselves job creators. If their usual fear tactics begin to wear thin, they whine and cry about being persecuted.

It’s a start.


Billionaires? There’s a gulag for that.

Billionaires? There’s a gulag for that.

Imagine a place where billionaires could go after having been stripped of their wealth for the public good—a kinder, nicer gulag that would allow billionaires to reflect on their greed and learn to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.


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